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Wood Saw cover!
  • ReleaseWood Saw
  • Artists Eskapizm
  • PriceBuy Release for $2
  • Release No.HR035
  •    Wood Saw
  •    The Cool Little Box

  • Description Release of the new generation artist from Russian Federation, Petrozavodsk. Two talented electronic musician show to us great style of sound production! This two interesting tracks have two different moods with groovy and intelligent melody! Perfect mastering from BarBQ, who is deeply understand the vibe and have massive experience. Eskapizm will make us dance now and in the future!
Night Walk cover!
  • ReleaseNight Walk
  • Artists Santai
  • PriceBuy Release for $2
  • Release No.HR034
  •    Night Walk
  •    Back End

  • Description Deep, neo-romantic release from Santai invites music lovers at 'Night Walk'. Recommended for a night walk on the motorbike with the walkman in your ears and a beautiful girl in the backseat! The cover photo moto-style from the Bali designer DESU Clothing, this brand expresses a perfect musical taste and gathers around itself cool trendy girls! Enjoy a walk in the moonlight!
Buran and Energia cover!
  • ReleaseBuran and Energia
  • Artists Koyla & DJ Ego.R
  • PriceBuy Release for $3
  • Release No.HR033
  •    Buran
  •    Spectrale Analyz
  •    Retarder Brain

  • Description This release is dedicated to the USSR Space! Dedicated to the brilliant minds and romantics, people who have great energy, allowing them to rise to the stars and become a star! The idea of using winged vehicles for space flight has been in the minds of space enthusiasts since the dawn of the space era. In Russia, Tsiolkovsky and Tsander considered airplanes among other means of reaching outer space. The Buran spacecraft was a space shuttle developed by the Soviet Union. Buran, which means 'snowstorm' in Russian, flew one time. Space shuttle represented a new form of development for space vehicles. Up until 1982, space vehicles, even those that carried humans, were launched for only one mission at a time, except for certain military test programs. A shuttle, on the other hand, could be used multiple times. Three-Two-One, Pusk!
French Taxi cover!
  • ReleaseFrench Taxi
  • Artists Popescu and Santai
  • PriceBuy Release for $2
  • Release No.HR032
  •    French Taxi
  •    French Taxi (Anagramma Remix)

  • Description New release of duo Popescu and Santai is a reflection of trip to the France. Full of smooth emotions with warm groove and romantic mood, it makes you take a ride through the night city with good friends! Light and melodic remix from Anagramma is amazing addition to release. Balearics rhythm will provoke all girls to the soft and tender dance! And dream-girl at the cover is Kristina Likhacheva, modern art artists and our muse! Human Resources Label©®
I See You Again cover!
  • ReleaseI See You Again
  • Artists Anagramma
  • PriceBuy Release for $2
  • Release No.HR031
  •    I See You Again
  •    No Words

  • Description New name in Russian nightlife, duo from Sochi Anagramma, has create music bomb 'I See You Again'. We already have a lot of massive feedbacks from the world's dancefloors, such like famous Burning Man and others. Other track 'No Words' is strong rhythm of underground nightlife! Cover art of the release prepared by our super girl Anastasiya Bistrova, surfer and body shaper from Good Story Surf community! So smile and raise your hands!Stay with us!
I Don't Mind cover!
  • ReleaseI Don't Mind
  • Artists Anagramma
  • PriceBuy Release for $3
  • Release No.HR030
  •    I Don't Mind
  •    I Don't Mind (BarBQ Rmx)
  •    I Don't Mind (Dub Version)

  • Description Produced by Oleg Pirogov & Sarkis Sarkazi (Anagramma),mastering by BarBQ (Neva Deep),cover Art and golden hand Nikolya Voljatovska.(R)(C) Human Resources Label 2015
Plein Air Orchestra cover!
  • ReleasePlein Air Orchestra
  • Artists Arshanitsa
  • PriceBuy Release for $1
  • Release No.HR029
  •    Plein Air Orchestra

  • Description This track was recorded at home on birthday Artem Arshanitsa June 18, 2014 by thirty of his friends and girlfriends! This track has a bit of tallant and soul of every person close to him! Sounds by All My Friends & Me. Sound Design by Sasha Leu Mastering by BarBQ (Neva Deep) Plein Air Orchestra is a community of friends one Moscow DJ and producer Artem Arshanitsa! The idea of a free group work, where there are no music laws and genres! Here each and every musician is able to do music! Numbers participants is not limited too, experience and musical education do not matter, the Plein Air Orchestra includes all people who meet on the way and become friends, as well as passers-by and street musicians but instead of a studio open space of nature and landscape of the city! Welcome to outside with us!
Over You cover!
  • ReleaseOver You
  • Artists Marymoon
  • PriceBuy Release for $4
  • Release No.HR028
  •    All That Sh
  •    Over You
  •    Leader
  •    Dance

  • Description Produced by Marymoon Sounddesign by Viktor Viktorovich Mastering by Chizh (C)(R) Human Resources Label
Diamond Mind (Daniil Batkov Rework) cover!
  • ReleaseDiamond Mind (Daniil Batkov Rework)
  • Artists Lukas Frontzek, Christine Klaar, Daniel G.
  • PriceBuy Release for $4
  • Release No.Free
  •    Diamond Mind (Daniil Batkov Rework)

  • Description The superb dance meditation rework from Russian artist Daniil Batkov !

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